FAQ’s – Car Heaven Program

1) Does my vehicle need to be complete?
Yes your vehicle needs to be complete with no missing parts. If your vehicle is not complete please contact us to make sure your vehicle qualifies for the program.

2) Does my vehicle need to be running?
Your vehicle does not need to be in running condition to be eligible for the program.

3) Is there a limit on the age of the vehicle?
No, we accept any year of vehicle.

4) Do you pick up underground or in an alleyway?
No, we cannot obtain a vehicle from underground parking garage or an alleyway; there must be enough room for a tow truck to remove the vehicle from its location.

5) How much will I receive for a charitable tax receipt?
Certified recyclers in your area bid on the vehicle and the charity receives the full amount of the bid amount, which will also be your tax receipt amount. The minimum value of the tax receipt is based on the local scrap and parts prices. Here is a summary of some of our successful bids.

6) Do you pick up in remote areas?
We pick up in most major areas, but if your vehicle is in a remote area please contact us to make sure we have pickup services in your area.

7) Do I need the original registration for the vehicle?
Yes we do require the original registration permit (no photocopies) for the vehicle to be able to transfer it out of your name – you can leave it with the vehicle or hand to the authorized recycler.

8) Do you require the keys to the vehicle?
Yes we do require keys for the vehicle – you can leave them with the vehicle or hand to the authorized recycler.

9) Do I need to be the registered owner of the vehicle to put it through the program?
Yes, we do require you to the registered owner; we cannot accept any vehicles that you do not own.

10) How do I apply to put my vehicle through this program?
You can fill out the form online at www.carheaven.ca or if you do not have internet access you can call ‭1-877-798-7701‬ and we will do the application for you. You will need the registration permit (no photocopies) with you when you call.

11) Why doesn’t the online application want to accept my VIN (Vehicle identification Number)?
Are there any zeros in your VIN? A VIN does not contain any letter “o”; please make sure you are entering as a zero not a letter.

12) Can I choose which Charity the funds go to?
You can choose from the list of charities we currently work with. Our charity partners include both National and local charities. If you are a charity that wants to join Car Heaven please contact ARC at ‭1-877-798-7701‬ to find out more. There is no cost to join and 100% of the vehicle donation goes to the charity with no fees whatsoever.

13) What is the process for this program?

  • Once the online application is filled out, your vehicle information is sent out to local authorized recyclers who then have 2 business days to bid on the vehicle sight unseen for part and scrap value.
  • Once the bidding process has ended, you will then be contacted by email the following day with the highest bid amount. You will have the option to accept or decline the amount.
  • If you accept, the information is sent to the highest bidding recycler and they will contact you within 5 business days to arrange to collect your vehicle (free towing!) along with the keys and original vehicle registration document.

14) Do I get a receipt from the recycler when they obtain the vehicle?
You will receive a Car Heaven pick up receipt from the recycler when they pick up the vehicle.

15) How do I get my Charitable Tax Receipt?
Your charitable tax receipt will be mailed directly to you from the chosen charity in approximately 2-3 months.

16) What happens to my vehicle once it has been picked up?
Your vehicle will be environmentally safely recycled, all fluids will be drained and mercury switch removed before being dismantled. For more information on how this is done please see www.carec.ca, this is the code of practice all our authorized recyclers must follow.

17) Is there any cost involved?
There is no cost to the customer; the vehicle will picked up at no charge, and the charity receives all the funds from the sale of your vehicle to a certified auto recycler.

18) What if there are tickets or impound fees on my vehicle?
Any outstanding tickets, impound fees or other fees on your vehicle must be paid prior to pick up of the vehicle, Car Heaven is not responsible for any fees attached to the vehicle.

19) Does my vehicle need to be insured?
No your vehicle does not need to have current insurance.

20) Do you accept motorcycles?
No we cannot at this time accept motorcycles into the program.

21) Will my vehicle be returned to the road?
Your vehicle will not be returned to the road or re-sold; all vehicles that go through the Car Heaven program are strictly environmentally and safely recycled.

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