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What will my tax receipt be?

Car Heaven uses a unique bidding process to get you the highest value to your charity for your vehicle, and that will give you the highest tax receipt. It’s simple, fast and convenient.

Simply fill out the Car Heaven Donation Form and submit it online. We’ll send your details to all of the Certified Auto Recyclers in your area and have them submit the highest price they’re willing to pay for your vehicle (which includes a free tow). We’ll send you the winning bid and you decide if you want to accept it. Once you’ve clicked “Accept” in the confirmation email, the winning bidder will make arrangements to pick up your vehicle and pay ARC the bid amount. They’ll take your vehicle to their facility to be recycled responsibly. (Go here to see what happens to your vehicle). On a monthly basis ARC will forward the total bid amount to the charity along with your contact information to generate a tax receipt for the bid amount for your vehicle.